The Good, The Bard & The Ugly where there's a Will... there's a home...

The Concept

The show came about through a love of Shakespeare and a fascination with the concept of the travelling player: the idea of bringing the show to you; turning up at an unseen venue with a  ‘Lets do the play right here!’.  Having a whole wealth of characters and stories but little more than just ourselves to make them come to life.

Therefore it depends on us and, just as importantly, you to create the stories.

It is exciting using what space we have.  Literally thinking on our feet brings a new-found freshness to each performance and the personal surroundings of your home lend a special intimacy.

Shakespeare didn’t write for a minority.  He didn’t write to be pored over by academics. He wrote his plays to be watched.   He wrote to engage as large an audience as possible. Sure, he is part of our heritage but that doesn’t mean he has to be treated as something set in amber.  His brilliance lies in capturing the human condition; emotions and circumstances that transcend the era in which they were written. That was his genius.

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