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The Testimonials

“The Good, The Bard & The Most Amusing! What a brilliant show! Definitely one we’d love to see again.” Mr W., East Sussex

“Your audience here of about 25 people ranged from ages 8 to 80, all of whom were gripped by the life and the skill we were audience to.  The older children were fascinated, and  the adults were much impressed. It was great how you used the space.  I do hope that your enterprise flourishes as it deserves to.”   Mr & Mrs K., Berks.

"The Good, The Bard and The Ugly" came to our house in July 2009.  We were raising money for a charity and hoped to use our garden, but rain forced us indoors – despite this an audience of around 40 fitted (just) into our drawing room and enjoyed a virtuoso performance by Mary and Chris, who overcame the cramped space magnificently.  Tragedy, comedy, history - all to West End standards - kept us spellbound.  A great evening much to be recommended.”  Mr & Mrs W., West Sussex

“A fascinating evening of raw energy. Famous set pieces alternate furiously with a quirky selection of lesser known characters and gem-like moments that you might have missed when seeing the full play. It’s amazing to go from high to low to laughter so quickly – an exhilarating experience.”
Ms C., London.

“I have never been into Shakespeare but this performance captivated me from the start. So much energy, the performers would win a gold if this were the Olympics.”  Mrs W., East Sussex

“The Good the Bard and the Ugly was like no other Shakespeare play I had ever seen ! The play is all that is Shakespeare with a twist ...or three !!  The play has no shortage of blood sweat and tears and the two players skilfully guide the audience through the scenes giving us tragedy, comedy and romance in equal measures. The Good the Bard and the Ugly is a true delight ; its energy and originality are theatre gold ....go see for yourself.”  Ms H., Yorks

“Mary Drake and Chris Diacopoulos act through a panoply of Shakespeare with the surefootedness and speed of a gazelle; the effect is both pleasing and mesmerising and the audience is left feeling as though they have dipped into every flavour of a Haagen Daz ice-cream bar.” 
Ms K., W. Sussex

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